"We're all like the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well. "

She attempted to fill her heart with things that left her empty. Jesus offered the only thing that could quench her deepest thirst that would be the one thing no one else could give — Himself.

Why We’re Different

At Samaritan’s Well we seek to draw deeply into the resources of our Lord to offer you renewal and peace. You may right now find yourself or someone you love, simply managing the daily chaos. Are you using all of your energy wading through a complicated past that is murky and painful?

How’s Your Marriage?

If you are blessed to be in a good marriage, what are you doing to reinforce and revitalize your relationship? If you’re at the end of your rope and ready to call it quits, you already know how desperately you need help. Will you invest one weekend of your life to infuse your marriage with new life? There is help and hope for you.

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Shepherding the Thirsty

At Samaritan’s Well Counseling Center, we have the amazing privilege to shepherd thirsty people to the One who offers that life-giving water through Biblical-based counseling. Are you thirsty my friend? If so, we invite you to come to the Well. Our counselors at Samaritan’s Well offer individual and group counseling for marriage and families, depression, anxiety, and addictions.