The Path of Meekness

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I am asking myself what being meek really means and why it is important. In Matthew 11 Jesus called himself “meek and lowly in heart.” If it was important for Jesus to be meek, I am wondering if it is important for me to be meek. I’m thinking “yes.”:)

Moses was called “the meekest man on the face of the earth.” What was the common denominator between Moses, Jesus, and meekness and what is meekness all about?

According to Easton’s Bible Dictionary meekness is “a calm temper of mind, not easily provoked (James 3:13).
Peculiar promises are made to the meek (Matt 5:5 Isa 66:2.
The cultivation of this spirit is enjoined (Col 3:12; 1 Tim 6:11; Zeph 2:3,
and is exemplified in Christ (Matt 11:29), Abraham (Gen. 13; Matt 11:29 6) Moses (Num 12:3, David (Zech 12:8 2 Sam 16:10, 12), and Paul (1 Cor 9:19)”

According to Dakes “Meekness is necessary in hearing and obeying the gospel.”

These are some results of meekness:

    1. Satisfaction ( Ps. 22: 26)
    2. Guidance in judgment ( Ps. 25: 9)
    3. Knowledge of God ( Ps. 25: 9)
    4. Earth as an inheritance ( Ps. 37: 11; Mt. 5: 5)
    5. Salvation ( Ps. 76: 9; 149: 4)
    6. Help from God ( Ps. 147: 6)
    7. Increased joy ( Isa. 29: 19)
    8. Holy Spirit ( Gal. 5: 22- 23)
    9. A blessing to others ( Gal. 6: 1)
    10. Patience ( 2Tim. 2: 24- 25)

(Psalms 25:9 Dake Study Bible Notes)

These are some facts about meekness:

It must be sought ( Zeph. 2: 3). It should characterize ministers ( 1Cor. 4: 21; 2Cor. 10: 1; Gal. 6: 1; Eph. 4: 2; 2Tim. 2: 25; Tit 3: 2; Jas. 3: 13). It is a fruit of the Spirit ( Gal. 5: 23). It should be put on ( Col. 3: 12). It should be followed ( 1Tim. 6: 11). It should be used in dealing with all opposition by others ( 2Tim. 2: 25). It should be demonstrated ( Tit. 3: 2; Jas. 3: 13; 1Pet. 3: 15). It must be used in receiving truth ( Jas. 1: 21).

Dakes says this about 1 Peter 3:3 c [……even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit] Meekness so as not to be provoked by others and a quiet spirit so as not to provoke others…….. Meekness is the quality of being patient in the reception of injuries; it stands opposed to malice and revenge. DakeStudyBibleNotes)

As I study this I see a common thread through all of these scriptures: The meek turn the other cheek; they bless and love those who curse them; and they seek the path of humility instead of the path of self. Certainly Christ told us if we would deny ourselves, we could truly be his disciple.

Would you join me in repentance? Father God I confess that I have often gotten revenge or desperately wanted revenge instead of releasing the offense and the person who has hurt me into your hands. I have so often taken the path away from meekness and instead chosen the path of pride, self-defense and slapping the other cheek instead of turning mine. I thank you for your forgiveness and ask that you give me full repentance and the gift of meekness. Amen.

Would you join me in a declaration? I accept and declare that God and His Word exalt meekness and I declare that I accept the path of meekness for my life. I am a follower and imitator of Christ and because He chose the path of meekness, I choose it also.

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